A couple is wanted to live on a private island: salary 180 thousand euros

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of living on an island? Surely, everyone. Now, imagine living on a Caribbean island and also getting paid to live there. Although it may seem like a lie, it is an offer that really exists and there are many interested.

Specifically, a billionaire is willing to pay 180,000 euros for a couple to take care of his private island, located in the British Virgin Islands (east of Puerto Rico). The offer, published a few weeks ago on the website of an employment agency, explains all the requirements that must be met by those who will live on this island.

The couple must have “a lot of experience in luxury hospitality”. Furthermore, it will be positively appreciated if one of the two members has a lot of experience in the business sector and the other in the media.

Among the functions to be performed by the people who will finally win the job will be not only maintenance and supervision, but also active promotion, participating in a “unique campaign” to attract luxury tourism, as the island is experiencing a “significant transformation”.

The requirements are multiple and different:

  • Extensive experience in luxury hospitality is essential.
  • Strong knowledge of housekeeping and guest services.
  • Previous work experience in the Caribbean.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to manage a team from many different cultures.
  • High level property and landscape maintenance knowledge.
  • Ability to work well in a remote and self-sustaining environment.
  • Media experience and the ability to appear comfortable in front of the camera.

Beyond the good salary, people will have access to all the island’s services, medical care and pension, flights, food and accommodation.

Interested couples should send their CV accompanied by a TikTok video of no more than two minutes to [email protected]. Although the offer does not say anything about what content the video should contain, it should likely be an introduction and a brief explanation of why the couple should be hired.

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