National Park of Tirana, one of the most relaxing destinations in the capital

The Tirana Lake National Park offers a captivating landscape in every season.

Prime Minister Edi Rama shared views from the park today, stating that this is one of the most relaxing destinations in the capital.

The vast Tirana Lake Park constitutes the largest green area in the capital.

From a functional standpoint, it meets to a certain extent the population’s needs for relaxation and entertainment, free movement, and nature walks for all ages.

The surface of the large Park consists of a hilly massif with gently sloping sides. In the southern part, the mirror of the Artificial Lake is formed, which with its extension creates small picturesque bays and peninsulas.

The construction of the large Lake Park began in the 1950s. In 1955, an artificial lake was created from the surrounding waters, and a 400-meter-long dam was built voluntarily to prevent the waters from overflowing towards Tirana.

In 1957-1958, the planting of decorative plants began, as well as the construction of the park’s infrastructure.

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