Albania – the trendy and attractive European destination

Tourism in Albania is growing year after year thanks to the beaches with crystal-clear waters, the breathtaking views of the Dinaric Alps, and accommodations with affordable prices, writes Carlos Doncel in the Spanish daily “El Correo”.

Summer is approaching, and along with it, the much-desired vacations for everyone. And, of course, doubts arise every year: Is it worth spending a lot and traveling abroad or exploring some corner of Spain?

You should know that Sweden or Iceland do not represent everything; there are also places where a beer costs less than 4 euros.

One of the European destinations where tourism is flourishing is Albania, a country in the Balkans that offers beaches, mountains, culture, and gastronomy at affordable prices.

“The data confirms this; the number of international tourists increased by 53% in 2023 compared to 2019,” according to UN Tourism data.

Keep in mind that five years ago, this Balkan country welcomed 5,919,329 tourists, a significant number considering that Albania has fewer than 3 million residents.

What to see in Albania?

The most populous city in Albania is Tirana, its capital.  It’s an open and friendly city, where large communist architecture buildings blend with recently built skyscrapers. And, to enjoy tranquility, the city offers a wide range of hotels at competitive prices.

From the Alps to the Albanian Riviera

This Balkan country of 28,748 square kilometers offers visitors beaches with crystal-clear waters and wild nature areas. From the Albanian Riviera to the Dinaric Alps, Albania has ideal areas for those who want to relax or prefer to see mountain landscapes like on postcards. In the Albanian Alps, in the north, a difficult trail about 15 kilometers long stands out along the path between the villages of Valbona and Theth. The views, with peaks around 2500 meters high, are spectacular for anyone who loves trekking.

In the south, on the coast facing the Greek island of Corfu, stretches the Albanian Riviera. Cities like Saranda, Ksamil, or Dhërmi offer beaches with sand and blue waters similar to the Caribbean. This is the most visited tourist destination in the country.

Berat, the city of a thousand windows

In the southern-central part of the country lies Berat, whose historic center was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. This city with over 60,000 inhabitants is the best reflection of Ottoman architecture in Albania. Churches and mosques alternate at every step, hiding beautifully crafted frescoes and Byzantine icons inside. Also part of the list of World Heritage Sites is the city of Gjirokastra, declared three years before Berat. The castle, the Ottoman-style buildings, and the old bazaar are the main attractions of this city with a centuries-old history.

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