Albania – the perfect destination for a unique adventure

From June to September, Spanish tourists will be able to enjoy an idyllic summer amidst the blue coasts and stunning Albanian Alps, writes the Spanish daily “Gaceta del Turismo”.

The tourist agency “Soltour” offers exclusive trips to Albania from 15 Spanish cities with direct flights, including accommodation.

Summer is the perfect season to explore Albania, a trending destination that hides some of Europe’s best-preserved secrets.

The tour operator has launched an exclusive operation of direct flights to Tirana, the Albanian capital, from a total of 15 Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza, or Seville, among others.

Regional-focused trips offer tourists from all over Spain the opportunity to embark on a unique adventure and discover an unparalleled destination like Albania.

Exploring the heart of Albania starts with lively Tirana, where travelers will be able to explore the National History Museum, admire the architecture of the communist era, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the capital.

But beyond the capital, travelers will also be able to discover Golem, a coastal village in the west of the country.

Additionally, Albania offers quiet sandy beaches near the Adriatic, perfect for relaxing on one of the most famous coastlines of recent years, an idyllic postcard that every traveler can experience.

The itinerary also includes Durres, a historic city that can be discovered by walking to its Roman amphitheater and promenade.

To conclude, the tour includes a final trip from Radhime to Vlore.

The clean crystal beaches and hidden coves offer an ideal environment to enjoy the local cuisine by the sea, while discovering the lesser-known side of Albania.

Travelers are offered a unique opportunity to visit one of Europe’s hidden gems.

Spanish tourists can experience a summer full of new experiences in the new and attractive destination, Albania.

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